We understand that your entertainment has to be great on your wedding day. We are happy to help with any special planning, suggestions, and advice before your wedding day to ensure that the day goes off without a hitch. Aside from playing the music you want, our goal is to help with the flow of your reception from start to finish. We’ll keep in touch with you throughout your reception and make of all the proper introductions and announcements. We also work closely with your other vendors like photographer, videographer, and banquet hall manager to keep on top of the days events. Having our equipment completely set up before your guests arrive is also a priority!

A few helpful tips…


Creating an itinerary of planned times and events will help your wedding day run more smoothly. This itinerary should contain a general description and the planned times of the events that will happen on your wedding day from start to finish. You should make copies for the members of the wedding party, all of your wedding vendors, and anyone else involved in the planning of your reception. You should mail/email them out to everyone at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding day. This should help eliminate any confusion between the family members and your wedding party, and the people and vendors whom you've hired to make your reception a success.


It is a good idea to designate a host/hostess to help with your big day. The purpose of the host/hostess are to take the burden off the bride & groom on their wedding day should there be any glitches (hopefully not), and to double check all planned events and help make sure the day flows smoothly. You should give the host/hostess an itinerary in advance (compete with all the office & mobile phone numbers of all the vendors you've hired), then give them the authority to work out any problems that arise, and to fix them on the spot, without bugging the bride and groom. Some of the responsibilities of the host/hostess include arriving at the church early to make sure all the flowers, candles, runners, etc. are ready and in place. Then, after the ceremony, arriving at the reception hall early for the same reasons, including greeting the guests and making sure everyone has their seating arrangements, etc... P.S. Don't forget to get them a small gift to show your appreciation for their help!

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